Life SciencesWe use our dedicated global account focus to integrate our skills and knowledge across pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and agribusiness. Various industry challenges leave pharmaceutical firms increasingly in the spotlight as they tread the fine line between delivering life changing value to consumers amidst the backlash of being one of the most profitable of all industries.

We collaborate with the world’s leading life sciences organizations to enable change through insight and technology. Our team of Life Sciences experts are able to share insights into the most critical business issues of this industry.

Life Sciences Research & Development

Placing the Focus on Clinical Breakthrough and Drug Discovery

To help reap the potential of new drugs more quickly and more successfully we focus on clinical breakthrough and drug discovery. Our solutions include:

  • Strategy and Transformation: Improves structured development, including modifications, cost reduction measures or development of new, personalized business models
  • Clinical Trial Management Solutions: Focuses on web-based solutions that allow the integration of existing infrastructures and applications like Siebel e-clinical
  • Collaborative Working Environments and Data Management Solutions: Concentrates on discovery data sharing within global R&D organizations, as well as integration of external R&D alliance partners. It prioritizes fast data access, scalability, data mining and security
  • Decision Quality Solution: Focuses on the need for transparency in communication of R&D activities. A central platform for this solution is an R&D specific portfolio management module, primarily aimed at execution excellence and performance gains.
  • Optimizing the interface between Marketing, Sales and R&D: Enables the rapid establishment of task force teams, e.g. for product launch activities. This Nerve-Center concept creates real transparency, which in turn augments Drug Product Life Cycle Management.
  • Pharmaceutical R&D Integration Excellence Programs: Accelerates integration processes, including integration of alliance partners (e.g., biotech) as well as post-merger integration of separate R&D units

Collaborating for R&D Success

  • Our Research and Development specialists work with clients to:
  • Define requirements that fit their existing R&D strategy, processes, infrastructure and systems
  • Evaluate, recommend and provide infrastructure and technologies that focus on delivery performance
  • Move through the strategy development, assessment, planning, designing, piloting, implementing and deployment of solutions