Data AnalyticsYZSquare helps organizations transform themselves into analytics-driven enterprises. Our proven expertise and extensive experience enables you to monetize data by leveraging the three pillars that support the elements of process, people and technology in your organization. These pillars also constitute three distinct YZSquare offerings:

Boundaryless information

The boundaryless information platform removes barriers within data, processes and technologies to make the right information available to the right people at the right time. The Infosys approach is driven by data provisioning and begins with the objective of building an inventory of information assets with internal master, transactional and external data. Real-time data streaming enables enterprises to generate accurate and actionable insights about customers and operations. The platform integrates data from internal and external sources, stores the data in a data lake, makes it available for consumption using the right data grid, and effectively leverages internal infrastructure and external cloud environments.

Progressive organization

A progressive organization is the glue that binds, builds and delivers capabilities of the boundaryless information platform and pervasive analytics. Progressive organizations introduce the right structure, processes and culture to embrace new paradigms. The success of a progressive organization depends on establishing the right data and analytics strategy along with the appropriate operating model to execute the strategy. By focusing on data governance, change management and strategic organizational design, enterprises can align business and technology and enable business speed and responsiveness. Data governance ensures that data is accurate, complete, secure, available – anytime and anywhere – and that it enables the relevant architecture, policies and procedures in the information value chain.

Pervasive analytics

An analytics-driven enterprise is defined by how proactively it uses available data to make decisions across levels, i.e., how mature it is in terms of analytics and the features that are enabled. While strategic decision-makers need predictive analytics, field sales and operations need real-time analytics to address changing customer preferences, predictive maintenance issues, etc. Pervasive analytics focuses on data consumption and ensures that analytics is used across all organizational levels and for all important business decisions.