InsuranceBringing Customer-Centricity to Insurers

Today’s insurers must put customers at the center of their business, bet products to market faster, and improve operational efficiency to lower costs. Partnering with over 70% of the world’s largest insurers, YZSquare helps companies become more innovative and customer-centric to meet the future head on. Our partnership with Pegasystems, Guidewire, Thunderhead and FirstBest and our proven IBAS business services for Medicare and Long-Term Care help our clients benefit from innovative technologies to become more competitive.

We help insurers across healthcare payer, property and casualty and life and annuities.

Proven experience as a chosen partner for a large insurer's policy administration program. Strategic partner for four of the top five property & casualty insurers
Data management solutions focused on reporting, risk management and compliance.
Latest thinking and world-class research through the World Insurance Report produced with Efma

The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the way industries function. In the insurance industry, non-traditional players now have access to large volumes of customer data and are able to provide holistic pre-purchase and purchase information, albeit in an unstructured form. This is a huge advantage for customers in the pre-purchase stage, and this new empowerment has made them more demanding, aware, and considered of their insurance requirements.

With industry-relevant expertise and a historical track record, our solutions enable insurers to:

  • Adopt digital tools for a clearer understanding of customer specific requirements
  • Help enhance processes within the industry
  • Provide seamless customer experiences
  • With the shift of traditional insurers’ needs to digital insurers, there is greater scope for increased flexibility and agility, faster and more efficient back-office processing, and an overall readiness for disruptions.

Our solutions also translate into clear cost benefits. We do this through the:

  • Automation of processes to make them more efficient by creating more straight-through processing (STP)
  • Creation of customer self-service systems to reduce the burden on back-office operations.
  • Looking ahead, the IoT is shifting risk profiles through the use of new technologies like connected cars and connected homes. Here, insurers need to renew themselves to be future-ready. We have the capabilities, tools, and experience to help insurers better understand their customers’ risk profiles, and create tailored products to suit their needs.

At YZSquare, we provide cutting-edge solutions to increase the top-line revenue of our clients. An engagement with YZSquare means going beyond solution implementation – we can help visualize and articulate business drivers with our capability-driven IMPACT framework.

One of our focus solutions is insurance distribution effectiveness, combining the power of next-generation commerce with enhanced online acquisition enablers, to change the way enterprises engage with and convert prospects. Our new business process excellence (NBPE) solution is ideal for initiatives in modernizing systems and business processes. NBPE can enable organizations to acquire strategic capability and significantly reduce cost.