Big Data:

Big Data & CloudAccording to Gartner analyst Svetlana Sicular, "Big data is a way to preserve context that is missing in the refined structured data stores — this means a balance between intentionally "dirty" data and data cleaned from unnecessary digital exhaust, sampling or no sampling. A capability to combine multiple data sources creates new expectations for consistent quality; for example, to accurately account for differences in granularity, velocity of changes, lifespan, perishability and dependencies of participating datasets. Convergence of social, mobile, cloud and big data technologies presents new requirements — getting the right information to the consumer quickly, ensuring reliability of external data you don't have control over, validating the relationships among data elements, looking for data synergies and gaps, creating provenance of the data you provide to others, spotting skewed and biased data."

Organizations are amassing vast volumes of data from online transactions, connected devices and people. This data holds many insights about your operations, performance, customers and competitors, but few have really unlocked this.

Data Science has the ability to find the patterns in the data. It tells you how your customers behave and what will interest them. It tells you where and when to supply the latest batch of this season’s product. It tells you which components in your network are liable to fail. It tells you who is likely to defraud you.

Ultimately it unlocks the next level of performance for your organization.

YZSquare has a global Data Science & Analytics practice that brings together the latest in data science techniques with leading business consulting skills to build models and solutions relevant to your information needs.

The core of our approach is the ability to abstract models of the real-life problems that are intuitive to use, yet sufficiently realistic to support robust decision-making. These models are used to provide insight, and to quantify the risks and benefits associated with solutions to complex business problems.

We have helped hundreds of organizations across industries to distinguish market noise from valuable business insights:

Implemented and run the IT that underpins the strategic risking tool for UK tax agency HM Revenue & Customs. The solution has enabled over £1.3 billion additional yield since implementation. Read the success story. We enabled Network Rail to make better decisions on how it manages track assets, realizing hundreds of improved decisions every day. Read the success story. Delivered the first implementation of SAP HANA in the Netherlands for Provimi, accelerating their reporting and decision-making processes. Read the success story. An electronic gaming company gained critical insights into how the market responded to a new product launch through social media analytics


Cloud technologies help you build the new-age business platforms that are essential to operate in today’s fast-paced digital world. Our cloud experts offer practical approaches to adopting cloud-based platforms for business success.

Cloud is becoming a ubiquitous delivery option for all kinds of IT. But for most enterprises, cloud first is an intent, not a reality. We overcome the constraints that limit cloud adoption, and enable a transformation from legacy technology to a cloud-first way of operating.

We deliver a cloud strategy that enables digital transformation with:

  • Cloud Business Vision: Align your cloud strategy with business objectives to create a compelling target end-state
  • Cloud Value Case: Identify the costs and benefits of the next stage of your journey to the cloud
  • Cloud Roadmap: Plot your journey through the options and activities needed to deliver the end-state
  • Cloud Transformation Plan: Identify the associated organizational changes and skills needed to unleash the true potential of cloud.
  • We will help to build a strong foundation for your cloud journey, enabling the transition from cloud-first intent to reality. Your cloud ambitions will be clearly mapped to business results.

Our developers are experts in designing and implementing your Cloud strategy, whether it is aIaaS initiative, (or) if you want us to develop your business model on the Cloud using a Paas Model. Our alliance as a consulting partner with Amazon also ensures that we get the best support for you when it comes to the Cloud.


  • Deploying Servers to the Cloud such as Amazon EC2
  • Migrating your environment to the Cloud
  • Integrating On-Premise Applications to the Cloud
  • Developing/Supporting Applications on the Cloud


  • IBM Blue Mix (PaaS)
  • Amazon EC2
  • Chef for Build Automation/Cloud Deployment