Health CareWith a growing and aging population, the health economies around the world are under tremendous pressure to transform for improved care outcomes and patient experiences for significantly less cost. YZSquare's innovative approaches and solutions enable this transformation: efficiency and effectiveness; health information exchanges; and patient centricity.

Cloud technology can make our healthcare systems more sustainable, and involve patients digitally in the care process.

Healthcare organizations are under pressure to improve outcomes while reducing costs. Cloud enables cost reduction in infrastructure, and a shift from capital expenditure to a ‘pay as you consume’ approach, but it also brings the far greater potential to transform the way we provide healthcare and interact with Patients.

Many Providers and Payers are relying on systems which have been developed independently of each other and are not interoperable across the care delivery chain. Cloud technology is starting to break down these barriers. From social media use by Physicians, to web-enabled Health Information Exchange and dedicated apps for Patients, we are seeing the emergence of new ways of managing care delivery and involving Patients digitally in the care process – all thanks to the web.

Health insurance customers are becoming truly multi-channel and multi-dimensional. They want to interact with their health insurance provider seamlessly, real-time and through various methods including phone, text, email, web and social media. To meet these new customer demands, payers need to redefine themselves to become more flexible, nimble and responsive while maintaining or improving profitability.

Our healthcare capabilities span the entire spectrum ranging from IT solutions and traditional business process outsourcing to full service third party administration services and advanced healthcare consulting services. We have experience implementing and supporting major vendor packages such as ALIP, Ingenium, Claims Component, Dragon, PolicyStar, Claims WorkStation, FAB, TIA, TriZetto Facets, COMPASS, GroupFacts, ClaimFacts, and Amarta. From claims management to commissions and compensation processing, distribution services to product performance monitoring, YZSquare helps healthcare payers across the full healthcare value chain.

YZSquare’s clients include commercial payers; Medicare Advantage, Medicare Prescription Drug and Medicare Supplement payers; accountable care organizations; providers; retail and wholesale pharmacies; and clearing houses.