API GatewayThe API gateways offers unmatched flexibility, performance and security, exposing, securing and managing backend applications, network systems or infrastructure via APIs. API Gateways represent the best available solution for enterprises looking to open data and services to partners, developers, mobile apps, cloud services and smart devices.

API Gateway does the following:

  • Define and apply service level agreements (SLAs), rate limiting, and throttling policies
  • Protect APIs via OAuth or other security schemes
  • Block users who may be abusing the system
  • Single-sign on across the store and other apps in your enterprise deployment
  • Leverage XACML for fine-grained access control
  • Pass security information to back-end services via JSON web tokens
  • Leverage workflows to control processes such as subscription or self-sign up
  • Govern the API lifecycle, from creation through retirement
  • Manage API versioning and deployment status by version